Organic trout from the Karrebaek Seafarm

The production of organic trout from Musholm is carefully following the Danish and EU regulations and guidelines in connection with organic production.  For example the seafarm is placed more than 1000 meters from other conventional seafarms and productions sites.

In the section *Farming trout there is a description of our production of conventional trout.  The organic production differ on the following points:

  • The nets used in organic trout production cannot be coated in any way to prevent algae, clams, etc.
  • The feed for organic trout has to be made from fishmeal from a special certified fishery and organic soy.  The colour in the feed must originate from natural sources such as shellfish.  The characteristic red colour of the meat comes from the pigment called Astaxanthin.  Astaxanthin is a natural resource found in many organisms such as crustaceans, which are part of the trout’s natural food.  At the same time, it is an important antioxidant with great importance to the fish’s health.  When producing feed for conventional trout, the Astaxanthin is synthetic made.  Organic fish feed contains Panaferd-AX, which is Astaxanthin pigment made from the culture of bacteria called Paracoccus carotinifaciens.
  • The boat used at the organic fish farm can only be maintained and painted with lead-free paint.
  • From 2015 all organic trout has to be born and hatched by organic mother fish.
  • Organic smolt cannot be gender sorted in any way.
  • Organic trout has to be harvested, gutted and produced in factories approved for organic production and with full traceability.

Please watch our movie from our organic seafarm Karrebaek: