ASC – Aquaculture Stewardship Council

ASC is a globally recognized set of rules and a labeling scheme that certifies that fish farming is conducted in a responsible manner. The ASC label means that both fish, work and environmental conditions have been subject to strict control throughout the supply chain. Musholm A/S has incorporated the rules for ASC production at the Musholm Vest farm, where most of the production takes place. The ASC rules imply that the aquaculture farm must report about various aspects of the production, including regulation of birds, mammals, instances of salmon lice and unexplained losses of fish. On the Danish page, we will report on these matters on a monthly basis, and once a year after completed harvest.
Likewise, Musholm A/S has been ASC Chain of Custody certified, which is the consumer’s guarantee that there has been full control of the traceability of the ASC produced products from harvest to final sale.

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