(oncorhynchus mykiss)

Sea farmed
Fresh or frozen

0,1-0,9 kg head on
0,9-1,4 kg head on
1,4-1,9 kg head on
1,9-2,5 kg head on
2,5-3,0 kg head on
3,0-4,0 kg head on
0,9-1,7 kg h&g
1,7-2,7 kg h&g
2,7-3,6 kg h&g


Fresh in polyboxes of 20-25 kg.
Dimensions: 795x400x233 mm, 21-24 boxes pr. pallet

IQF frozen in master polybag in cartons of 20-25 kg.
Dimensions: 780x380x180 mm, 15 eller 30 kart. pr. palle

IQF frozen in master polybag in palletboxes of 500kg.
Dimensions 1180x980x850mm

Also available as organic/bio