Seafarmed organic trout

Organic trout from the Danish Archipelago

Organic trout from Musholm is grown in the small Danish Archipelago near to Karrebaek. The eggs are taken from the parent fish in the hatchery in the period from October to April. The fry are after a few months, when their size is around 5-10 gr, transported to the smolt station with good freshwater supply and kept there for 12 to 18 months. Normally, at the beginning of spring, when the fish is naturally smoltified, the smolts are put to sea in large nets. The harvesting of the trout takes place in autumn and winter. After harvesting the trout is bled, gutted and packed fresh on ice or IQF-frozen within 5 to 10 hours.

The farming site are in use for up to 8 months per year and then left fallow for at least 4 months. This highlights the big effort that is being undertaken to guarantee a healthy environment for the fish, but also for the wildlife in the area. All the sites are swept by tidal currents and waves, and the water quality is very high. These water conditions are essential to the taste of our organic trout: The clean water and currents make the muscle texture firm and the fat content low. Organically farmed trout are reared in large cages which allow them to follow their natural shoaling behavior  in line with organic farming concepts. The number of animals per net are reduced compared to conventional farmed trout. The  density in the cages is very low: in mathematical terms, there is 10 kg of trout per cubic metre of water.  It also means that no sediments can gather on the seabed which is good for the environment. Environmental studies carried out have proved, that there has been no effect to the sea bed. So the conditions under which our organic trout is farmed are very close to its wild counterparts.

Clear waters and low stress factors improve health condition, and medication is only used very rarely. Only government assigned veterinarians are allowed to treat this fish. The trout is fed every day. The feed consists of pellets made of natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and free from genetically modified organisms. Mainly marine based feed like trimmings and fish oils (those important omega-3 oils!). The rest of the feed is made up of vegetable ingredients. The trout is fed and monitored by experienced fish masters. Each site is visited by boat and the pellets are distributed by air through pipes into the net cages and bringing the fish to the surface to feed.  The fish is only fed when they show high activity and interest in the feed. Almost no feed pellets are exiting the net cages without being eaten. The growth rate of the trout depends very much on the water temperature – the lower the temperature, the slower the growth. Usually we can grow the trout from 700gr in April to a harvest size of approx. 2,5 – 3,5 kg in October.

Our organic trout farm is certified organic, which means it has undergone a strict, high-standard certification process. Our organic trout is fully traceable and certified by the Danish Food and Health Department and regularly audited.

For us – and most of our customers – these are the most important reasons for buying organic trout:

Respect for animal welfare, good for wildlife and the environment, trusted sources of feed and high standards, healthy and great-tasting food with no additives.

We are confident that Karrebaek organic grown trout are very healthy, sustainable and environmental friendly sea farmed food product.